Landscape Design

Landscape Design and Consultation

I will be out of the country until April 2016 but upon return I will be available for landscape design services, with many variations to suit your needs. Please email for information and pricing.

Our services include:

Finished Master Plan

A measured/scaled blueprint in a finalized design form which includes:

  • Specific plant material with recommended planting sizes and quantities
  • Specifications concerning locations, dimensions, and installation of any features, such as walkways, walls, decking, patios, fencing, lighting, raised beds, gazebos, small pools, swimming pools, sports courts, irrigation, etc.
  • Site grading recommendations if required, soil preparations and amendments if needed

Quick Sketch and Concept

A rough plan based on rudimentary measurements of the site. Drawings are made to indicate planting areas with lists of suggested plants, and ideas for other improvements based on the initial interview and understanding of the site and the design criteria. This often also includes elevation drawings and idea boards to illustrate the vision.

Garden Coaching and On-Site Consultation by the Hour

Available in April 2016. For the do-it-yourself gardener, this is more of a brain-picking session. Are you confused about your perennials? Want to plant a vegetable garden but don’t know where to start? Want to start some fruit trees or shrubs? We will walk the site and discuss with you landscape features, as well as stake areas to indicate locations of any features. This can be useful for planting of large shade trees, thinning or removing trees, or making indications of needed walls or walkways that the owners may wish to install themselves.