Dear Plant & Art People

Thank you to everyone that came out last night on a lovely spring evening to meet Marisa Kang and admire her art and voice, see flowers, and create community!


We grow our hanging baskets with love and with unique variety, we grow summer baskets to be put out of doors at the end of the month of May. Our basket combinations are chosen to give you a full summer of flowering pleasure. Our spring baskets contain cold resistant varieties and will offer color through to June when it is a great time to switch to summer baskets.


Now for my rant! It is upsetting to see giant trailer trucks pulled up to super markets, gas stations, pharmacies and many other non plant growing locations unloading carts of neglected plants. They have been grown in plant factories by “growers”  that pump them full of growth regulators, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Who decided that  buying a hanging basket for Mother’s Day is a good idea?  Plant lovers know that it is still TOO COLD outside and the flowers will suffer until the night temperatures are reliably warm. Never mind how that planter is going to look after being thrown to the elements. PLEASE do not support these factory growers, they give horticulture a bad name.

Buy Local, support local, we grow it all right here!