April for fools

Here we go April! But wait, there is still snow on the ground! The word in the greenhouse is that even the plants inside know that it is colder than usual out there! Despite being planted at the same time as all other years the plants are stalling, waiting for sun and the real warmth that comes pouring in.

Did you know that we only use bio-controls in our greenhouses? We order in predators to scout the greenhouses for bad bugs. Yesterday we “seeded” in some predators to be ready when the aphids and thrips arrive with the warmer weather. It’s anyone’s guess as to when that will be!!!

Nemesia blooming


liners await transplanting
liners await transplanting
Oxalis blooming
A bench of newly transplanted beauties.
Luscious lettuces.
Sprouting seedlings.
#3 almost filled up.