Pick of the Planet GreenhousePOP has permanently closed the location at Breakfast Hill Road. After much consideration I am taking a sabbatical for an undetermined time and will not be producing crops 2016. The POP business model/trademark/select plant stock are for sale if you are interested please contact me via email: info@pickoftheplanet.com.

Founded in 1999 as Wit’s End Growers, The Pick of the Planet quickly gained a following in the seacoast areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. I am fascinated with plants, and  constantly seeking interesting species from all around the world and forgotten plants from the past. I believe that art is a component of horticulture; line, form, texture, color, and scent all factor into a garden’s composition–whether in a container, border, or single specimen. I grow  a fine artist’s palette of plants to work with, and encourage you to have fun, experiment, and be brave and daring with color! See the idea section in our catalog listing under each plant’s description for inspiration.

Ellen Mitchell

Ellen MitchellEllen comes from plant people; on both sides of the family tree there are farmers and flower people. Her family moved frequently but the thread of gardening and eating home-grown food was constant. Living in Germany and traveling in Europe, Israel, Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, and Guatemala have given her a broad garden vision and deeply enriched her plant knowledge. Traveling and working on a Kibbutz as a young woman opened her to the idea of a career in horticulture, and upon returning she began studying nursery and landscape horticulture in Canada. She has been living, designing, growing and gardening on the Seacoast for over 35 years.

With over 30 years of experience in landscape design and construction in addition to her 22 years working in greenhouse growing, Ellen has a deep understanding of the plants she works with at all stages. Her commitment to finding new and interesting plants continues even into her vacation time; every winter she travels to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala to volunteer at a medicinal herb garden and seek out material that can be used in the landscapes back home. The lake area is rich with Maya tradition, colorful textiles, fresh food, and good friends.  And with the new space, Ellen “looks forward to sharing my enthusiasm and inspiration for fine horticulture, good food, medicinal herbs, beekeeping, and healthy living!”

Best of luck in your future endeavors Karen Jensen!

Karen does her plant magic.
Karen does her plant magic.





Amelia J. Davis

Amelia DavisAmelia has now opened her own store in downtown Kittery Foreside, FOLK at 6 Wallingford Square.  POP supplies succulents, air plants and occasional plant treasures as well as Guatemalan imports.





MoraMora worked in the greenhouse ever since she was adopted from NHSPCA 14 years ago. She learned to turn around in 12” aisles without harming any plants and hunt for voles when they sneak into the plants. My dear pet companion passed away on October 8, 2012. Swim and chase balls to your heart’s content. Mora still visits me occasionally for walks and trips to the beach.